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The almshouse flats are to a high standard providing self-contained accommodation, with fully fitted kitchens including electric oven, hob and fridge-freezer; laundry facilities are also provided. The majority of flats have a level access shower room. An emergency call system is provided which is linked 24/7 to a call centre. Flats are single or two person one bedroom properties. There are two flats which have two bedrooms which will generally be available to residents requiring a carer. Two guest rooms are available to family and friends of residents for short stays at a reasonable cost, priority is given to family of residents who are unwell.

Bright and inviting community rooms for use by residents and other groups are provided with facilities for making light refreshments, the space is used for social activities, fitness classes, and meetings. Computer facilities are provided in some of the community rooms with computer printer and internet access for residents’ use.

Staff Support

We have a team of staff who are able to assist residents with matters such as form filling, accessing social care and dealing with repairs. Staff cannot provide personal care to residents (such as help with washing or dressing) but can help them apply for a care package if required. Staff work with residents to help generate a positive community spirit and neighbourliness at the almshouses.

Socials and Activities

A range of activities are organised by staff and residents. These include social events such as coffee mornings, luncheon club, quizzes and trips out.
Fitness and activity sessions are available. A weekly minibus service operates locally to take residents to and from local supermarkets.


All five almshouse sites have lovely communal gardens and keen gardeners may request a small patch of garden to cultivate where space is available.

Eligibility and How to Apply

Applicants must generally be over 55 years of age and have lived in Walthamstow or Chingford for at least a year prior to their appointment, or have lived in Walthamstow or Chingford for at least five consecutive years at any time. Applications will be considered from individuals or couples with limited financial means and in some need of assisted housing. In exceptional circumstances we can consider applications from people living outside of the area of benefit (Walthamstow and Chingford), for example to enable a person to move to be closer to a supportive family or friend.

Application forms can be obtained by contacting the office or by downloading here.

The housing applicants shortlisted for a vacancy are visited by two charity representatives and the applications are then reviewed by the Grants and Accommodation Committee, which will consider the circumstances of each of the applicants, including their housing and social need, finances and whether the applicant(s) would benefit from sheltered housing.