The charity has three sites in Walthamstow providing approximately 15 acres of allotments to generate income for the charity. The Walthamstow and Chingford Almshouse Trustee Company also manages the Spade Husbandry Society an allotment Charity which was established in 1830 “whose object it shall be to obtain suitable pieces of ground to be let in allotments to the industrious poor for cultivation by the spade”. The Spade Husbandry site is now owned by the Conservators of Epping Forest (City of London) for the benefit and use of the Trustee to make available as allotments.

Allotment sites are located at:

  • Trencherfield Allotments, Higham Hill Road, E17.
  • Honeybone Allotments, Low Hall Lane, E17.
  • Hale End Allotments, Hale End Road, E17.
  • Spade Husbandry Society Allotments, Forest Road, E17.

Allotment rents are £52 per year for full plot (10 rod) and £32 per year for a half plot (5 rod)

To apply for an allotment contact the allotment manager on:

07908 705149