Collard Court

Collard Court

On 18th May 1859 Mrs. Jane Sabina Collard conveyed to three trustees a piece of land on the south side of Shernhall Street known as Pound Field along with two pieces of land on the north and south sides of Maynard Road. Trustees were instructed to invest the income from the land and within 21 years to use the accumulated funds for the erection and endowment of almshouses.

The Collard almshouses were erected in 1881, a single storey range of 10 brick almshouses with a central gabled porch, the almshouses were restricted to ‘poor and deserving men none of whom shall be aged less than sixty years and none of whom shall have been at any time engaged or employed as a domestic servant or in the receipt of parochial relief

The Victorian almshouses were demolished in 1972, having been deemed unsuitable for improvement and with the purchase of five adjoining properties trustees commissioned the rebuilding of the almshouses which were completed in 1974. A further refurbishment was completed in 1999.


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